About Me

I have been keeping and breeding snakes since 1984, and for more than thirty-five years I have kept and bred Childrens Pythons to Burmese Pythons and almost every python species in between. While I continue to keep various species, I primarily focus on Green Tree Pythons, Emerald Tree Boas (Basins & Northerns) Green Sanzinia and Savu Pythons, and it is these animals which make up the majority of my collection.

I am purely a hobbyist. I do not sell snakes to make my living. I maintain a small but meticulous collection in my home, and I pride myself on offering exemplary customer service. Most importantly, I treat my customers how I would expect to be treated, and because of this, I have maintained an impeccable reputation in our hobby for more than thirty-years.




I use two primary types of caging in my facility: PVC Cages from Jim Scharphorn for my arboreal boids, and Boaphile Caging by Jeff Ronne for my non-arboreal boids.

Each arboreal enclosure is furnished with a radiant heat panel for heat, while my non-arboreal enclosures have flex-watt heat tape installed for traditional belly-heat


 I use Nature’s Spirit Incubators to hatch my python eggs, which are controlled by Helix thermostats.

While these incubators do require some slight modifications, overall I have had great success with them, and I would highly recommend them