Female Manokwari Outcross 1F1 Prada MaleUnknown Origin Female 002 2017 FEMALE – F1 Prada Manok x “Unknown” Female **SOLD**

I hatched this gorgeous girl on March 3, 2017. She was a red neonate, her Sire was a Prada Manokwari, and her Dam was a very pretty blue female which I had no history on. She currently weighs 250+ grams, and she’s a savage feeder on frozen/thawed small mice from tongs.

Pics 1 & 2 – Available Female (Taken 10/17/18)
Pic #3 – Sire – F1 Prada Manokwari
Pic #4 – Dam – Unknown Origin Female


Diamond Female - Reduced Patterned GV 2018 ClutchZangari Sire Captive Bred 2018 Diamond Pythons
(Available Babies below!)

These Captive Bred Babies were produced by Mike Zangari, from adults (pictured left) purchased from Gary Valle. The Dam is a 2011 Visual Reduced Patterned Animal (produced by Josh Easter from SDZ Stock), and the Sire is a 2011 Het. for Reduced Patterned Animal (also produced by Josh Easter from SDZ x Valle stock).

These babies are all well above average, and details on all available can bee seen below.

SD Diamond M2 - Live Fuzzy MiceSD Diamond M3 - JL Rat Pinks Stardust & Patternless Males (Hatched 7/28/18)

Pic# 1 – Stardust Male (Fuzzy Mice Feeder) **SOLD MZ**
Pic# 2 – Patternless Male (F/T Rat Pinks) **SOLD JL**

Diamond - Available Normal RP “Normal” Male (Hatched 7/28/18) **SOLD VC**

Solid F/T Rat Pink Feeder – $550.00 Shipped