Various Carpet Pythons

Species: Diamond Jungle Zebra Jaguar

Sex: Female- Dam of babies listed below.

Species: Pure Diamond Python

Sex: Male- Sire of babies listed below.

Bloodline: Gary Valle

Species: Jaguar Sibling  

Sex: Male-04

Breeder: Mike Z.

Hatch/Born Date: June 10, 2021

Dam: Diamond Jungle Zebra Jaguar

Sire: Pure Diamond Python – Gary Valle Bloodline

Feeding On: F/T Mouse Fuzzies from tongs

Price: **SOLD**

Ball Pythons

Species: Pastel Lavender Albino 66% PH Pied  

Sex: Male

Breeder: Mike Z.

Hatch/Born Date: July  17, 2021

Lineage: All adults purchased directly from JKR (Justin Kobylka)

Sire: Double Het Lavender Albino Pied

Dam: Pastel Lavender Albino Het Pied

Feeding On: F/T Rat Pups from tongs

Price: $475.00 Shipped

Various Boas & Pythons (Sold Out!)