Sexing Policy

While I am confident in my probing ability, it is always possible for me to make a mistake!

Young Morelia can especially be a challenge to probe, which is why I adhere to the following sexing guarantee: Within 30-days of receiving your sexed animal from me, I invite you to re-probe your animal(s) by someone who is qualified to do so. If it is determined that I incorrectly sexed your animal(s), then upon the animal(s) safe return and examination, I will refund 100% of the purchase price of your animal(s), as well as pay to have the animal shipped back to me. After 30-days however, I can no longer be responsible for any mis-sexed animal(s).

Live Arrival Guarantee

I guarantee “Live Arrival” of your animal, under the following guidelines:

Your animal(s) must be shipped to a Fed-Ex Staffed Facility, and not to your home or office.
Your animal must be picked up within 2 hours of its arrival at the facility.
You must notify me of the DOA immediately (within 1-hour) of picking up your shipment, and you must provide me with a photo of the deceased animal(s).

Payment Plans

We are happy to provide payment plans for animals costing $1000.00 or more!

By sending me a 20% NON-Refundable Deposit, I will hold your animals(s) for a 30-day period. At the end of the 30-days, your remaining balance will be due in full. If for any reason you are unable to remit your balance at that time, I reserve the right to identify another buyer, and your deposit will not be refunded. The only exception would be if your animal(s) became ill or died while still in my care, in which case your deposit would be 100% refunded.